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We are Leventa, your new address for partisan events! 

Looking for decorations and fun items to pimp your parties and turn your simple events to memorable ones? 
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Throwing a bridal or a graduation party and looking for props, accessories and anything else that can complete the theme and fit the occasion? 
Are you the type who is always looking for a meaningful, special gift for your dear ones and have almost no time? 
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L event A, here, you have it all! 

A few clicks and you're ready to go for your party 🆒
L for love and A for Aleksandra and Aysan. 
As two good friends and quite cheerful ones we always found reasons for celebrations, always tried to turn any occasion to THE occasion and make the best of it…. 

Having to face too many obstacles such as limited variety of options as well as high prices of Geneva and it’s surrounding, made the most fun part of a putting an event together to the most troublesome part of it, so we had to turn face into options such the US and UK but again we were limited to delivery deadlines, customs, etc. 
That was when the very first idea of Leventa was formed in our minds to create one platform where all was offered. 
Where decoration could be picked up or delivered, where we could return things without having to ship to a different country, where we did not have to pay an organizer or a manager for putting a few ballon up or recommending us a place of celebration, where we could be our own designers and managers of our own events. 

So we created Leventa, a platform that walks you through all steps of your events and offers additional assistance to simplify the task of being your own event manager!🛎

If you are festive, if you love beauty or uniqueness, a bridal or a birthday princess, party person or a game night kind of person, does not matter.

Come and join us in celebration of life! 
Let's make every moment worth a memory!