Anyone placing an order on the site declares to be 18 years old or over and is in possession of the legal capacity or in the absence of a parental authorization allowing him to contract the order. 

In the event that these conditions have not been respected in accordance with what is stated in this contract and in order to resolve a possible dispute, the company Leventa Design reserves the right to apply directly to the guardian or legal guardian of this person and therefore authorizes to demand from him the payment of all possible orders made.



For services: Prices are exclusive of VAT, excluding transport and insurance, excluding setting up, assembly and disassembly, for the duration of use provided during the order, according to our current rates. 

Any use over this period will be subject to special agreements and additional billing. The date and the time of return of the material are imperative and any delay will be invoiced according to our tariffs in force.


Order and payment

All orders must be placed through the website or via email of or in coordination with one of the representators.


Failure to pay the invoice (s) by the due date will result in the due date: 

- late penalties calculated on the basis of the interest rate applied by the Swiss National Bank to its refinancing operation plus 10 points, on all outstanding sums; 

- legal and litigation costs; 

- a penalty clause equal to 15% of the sums due. 

- lump sum compensation for recovery costs of CHF 50.


Start and end of rental

The minimum rental period is 24 hours, unless special conditions has been agreed in written by Leventa Design.

Any delay will result in billing on the basis of the daily rate from the time of removal.

Every delayed day will be charged as a full rental day and half a day rental fee for delayed returns which are below 12 hours.

Beyond 6 days of delay the item will be charged at the full price.



The total or partial cancellation of an order will be subject to a billing equivalent to at least half of the amount of the order, without ever being lower than the costs already incurred at the time of cancellation. 

If the cancellation occurs less than 48 hours before the rental, sale or service, the cancelled part will be due by the client and charged in its entirety.





20% of the total rental price

Cancellation at 7 days of the rental

75% of the total rental price

Cancellation in 2 days of the rental

100% of the total rental price



The rate applied for delivery and resumption depends on the scale in effect. The scale is calculated according to the canton where the goods are delivered. Transportation includes unloading at the indicated address. 

The installation of furniture or technical equipment will be the subject of an option offered when placing an order on the website. A personalized quote will be drawn up according to the quantity and furniture / equipment chosen and a separate invoice will be sent to the client.

You may refer to Service section/Set up



For any order, a deposit of 10% minimum (adjustable depending on the equipment / furniture rented) of the total amount is requested from the customer, which will be returned to him after checking on the return of the equipment and after receipt of the invoices, unless special agreements to the contrary . 

In the event of a problem with the equipment upon return, the deposit may be withheld partially or entirely to cover the costs. The deposit must be paid in cash on the day of delivery of the furniture / equipment. In return, a document will be signed by Leventa design rentals and the customer certifying the delivery of the deposit. 


Provision - return of rented equipment - repair - no restitution

The ordering customer or representator must be present during the delivery and return of the rented equipment. He acknowledges receiving equipment in good condition, fit for operation and in good standing with current health and safety standards.

The ordering customer undertakes to return the equipment rented, sorted by category, and packaged in their protections, bins and trolleys of origin.

The material must be made clean. The costs of cleaning are the responsibility of the customer, except tablecloths, covers and towels. In case of cleaning by us, charges may be added. 

Any costs incurred in the event of damaged, defective or dirty equipment will be charged to the customer, unless proof of liability ofLeventa design. 

Every rented object will have an instruction note, renter is forbidden from doing anything else that indication provided, in case of problem renter shall not engage in repairing or fixigit,but contact Leventa design representator ASAP. (In case of non - functioning of the rented object, the tenant is forbidden to carry out himself the repair of the material.)


Liability - insurance 

Liability and material and legal custody of the equipment are transferred when they are made available. The final customer assumes this custody under his full and sole responsibility. 

He will take out an insurance policy at his own expense to guarantee his responsibility during the time he has custody of the facilities and equipment. 

The ordering customer, as organizer of the event during which Leveta design operates, must take care in particular of obtaining all the authorizations necessary for the services ordered, to ensure that the places are available. and easily accessible of any kind,and obtain from its insurers the possible extensions of guarantees. 

No complaint from the client giving the order will be admissible beyond a delay of 48 hours after the end of the service. 

No compensation can be claimed from Leventa design for deprivation of enjoyment or commercial disturbance whatsoever, whatever the cause or origin.